Click here to create your own list of shops

Welcome to mararestock! This site allows you to choose certain shops that you like to restock from and will assign an ID to that list of shops, you can then enter that code above and you will be taken to a page where the links to the shops you chose will be listed down the side, along with a clock of the current mara time and an iframe next to it so you can click the links and you will be taken to the shop. If you have any questions just mail me (oxyl) and since I entered all the shops manually it's possible I missed some or mistyped some info so if you spot a problem please tell me.

To create a list of your own click the link above and you will be shown a list of all the shops, tick each one that you would like to show on the restock page and press submit. You will then be shown the shops you chose and be told what ID they have been stored under and given a direct link to the page consisting of your shops. The restocking page is an iframe of marapets so it is safe to use.


Why can't I edit my list of shops?

More than one person can use the same ID (for example if someone chooses Potions and Traps they could be assigned the ID 4, anyone who also selects those exact shops will be given the ID 4), this is to stop the database from becoming crammed.

What do the numbers mean above each shop?

The numbers shows the minutes at which the shop restocks, as an example if you had 1-6 that means the shop can restock on any minute ending in 1 or 6 (1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31, 36, 41, 46, 51, 56) on the minute (however shops do seem to restock about 2 seconds past the minute at the moment). It's worth noting that the shop won't restock every single time, it just has a chance of restocking some items at those times.

How do I restock?

Restocking at its most basic form is just buying items from the mara shops and selling them on for a profit, usually in auctions or your shop. Not all items will get you a profit so you have to learn what's worth buying and what isn't, and the easiest way to do this is to check what restocks at the shops and check their prices on shop search. Some shops usually restock sought after items such as the Mining Shop or the Traps shop so the items in those shops generally are bought very quickly so if you're just starting out it's probably best to get used to restocking at shops such as Minipet Food, Car Parts and Halloween Treats that have a little less competition. When buying an item you can be asked to enter a captcha code which do take a bit of time to get used to.